1. hawk vaccaro 1 |hôk| |vuh-KAR-o|


1. a filmmaker found on various productions as a director or cinematographer.

2. a photographer when not doing either above for portraits, events, lifestyle, and commercial ads.


1. [ intrans. ] (of a person) to hunt framing with a camera operator: hawking the camera op to capture the shot.

2. [ trans. ] to offer (goods) for sale, typically advertising through the internet: he hawked his services in the form of a dictionary entry.

A Colorado native living in California, Hawk is accustomed to life on the road and has been the traveling cinematographer for 5.11 Tactical for the past four years. Prior to that, worked on features, plethora of short films, and commercial work. At one point in his life, he attended CU Denver where a BFA of Theatre, Film & Television with focus as a director/cinematographer was obtained. With a vast knowledge of production over the course of 10 years, Hawk is always looking to expand his skill sets, network, and overall friends in the world of entertainment.

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